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Bear Essentials

Sweet Jesus, Grizzly Bear are back after a 5 year hiatus. I’m such a huge fan. I return to their music time and time again. It’s a whole world away from your average US college rock, Pitchfork-loved guitar band – though Pitchfork probably do love them. I find their music endlessly fascinating, full of interesting layers and their songs tend to open up the more you listen to them. That makes them sound like a tough listen, which they’re not at all. But they do have intimacy to their songwriting despite having quite a ‘big’ sound.

This first single seems to have picked up where the last album left off. I wasn’t sure to start with, and then I liked it; and now, on the 20th listen, I completely love it.

Album’s coming in August and they’re playing Manchester on October 6th. I’ve just bought tickets. Anyone fancy joining me?

3 thoughts on “Bear Essentials

  1. Hi David. I think we’ve written about Grizzly Bear before. I am a ‘fan’, its kind of hard not to be if you like music enough, it’s hard to resist. However, I do find them a tough listen. I need to be in a very receptive mood to really appreciate them. You don’t put on an album if you’re not in that place. They will always have a special place in my life though – Stacey and I went to Caswel Bay on the Gower in Wales when she was too pregnant with Silvia to fly to a last holiday. We had the most amazing week of lounging around, coffee and talking, walks on wide windy beaches. I had a 60GB iPod with me full of music but we only listened to two albums, one was Yellow House by Grizzly Bear. Its possibly one of the more noodly works of theirs but it was perfect for that place, time and life-event.

    For the record, Pitchfork do love them.

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