One thought on “Papoose – Current Events

  1. I saw the ‘this one is for Brother Joseph’ comment … then saw the image and thought ‘ …. really’. But BOOM! You got me Brother Nolan. Tune! Big massive, real Hip Hop. Real lyricism.

    The winner of the ‘most Jay Z line to be delivered by anyone who’s not Jay-Z (and includes a Jay-Z diss)’ award goes to;

    ‘I said I’m better than Jigga cause I’m better than Jigga
    I ain’t no rookie to this shit, I’m a veteran spitter’

    And I have a massive amount of love for;

    ‘I’m a philosopher, popular for just popping impostors up
    Rising like the mercury inside a thermometer
    You say you off the meter, they lied to ya
    I’m a thousand more times off the meter like a fucking kilometer’

    Thank you Brother Nolan. A great way to start the day.

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