4 thoughts on “Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

  1. OK, I’m going to go out on a limb here. I LOVE both his albums. And when I first saw him at the Brudenell, he blew me away. But I saw him again last year, and he was grumpy and up himself and made no effort, and maybe that’s colouring my view of him now. But – although I really dig the anger, and my god we need it – he’s already this record and it was called Bored in the USA, and it was a lot less wordy and a bit more on point. I think he needs to focus his lyrics, as this sounds too much like a stream of consciousness.

    Or maybe I’m being harsh?

  2. This is a really fair comment from Brother David. I’m similarly in Father John’s thrall (he cupped my face in the mosh pit at the last Leeds gig and I gazed into his eyes like a teenage girl) and get the comparison to Bored in the USA. What’s interesting here is that it’s a single rather than an album track, so it’s potentially going to get more attention. The way he’s gone about the attack is more targeted and provocative as opposed to the previous sigh and moan about the American malaise; this is an assault, takes a long run up for a full blown boot-in-the-crotch. I certainly warm to this more than the last throwaway single which I really wasn’t keen on, especially, like you, as I loved the first two albums. I Love You Honeybear is an utter masterpiece.

  3. I’ve listened to this a few times and while it’s no great departure it’s still great. I totally see the comparisons with Bored… but as Paul said it’s a single, and the video’s really there to accompany it in a way that an album track wouldn’t. It’s provocative and ballsy and frankly anything that takes a pop at Trump is catnip to me.

    I get the “transformation” thing for sure. He’s changed in the two times I’ve seen him, but also now he’s kind of stuck with that shtick, so it probably grates for him too. But he’s still a charismatic fucker, and we need shit like this. If Trump hates culture, then let him have a culture war.

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