8 thoughts on “Kismet Kill by Haley Bonar

    1. I’ve listened To this a bit more and its very pleasant, but it kind of washes by me. Its not got the lyrics and staying power perhaps. But it’s a summery slice of bubblegum guitar.

      It’s also undoubtedly suffering by comparison to Kiwanuka, which I can’t stop listening to.

    1. She’s playing the Brudenell in a couple of weeks and I got myself a ticket on Friday. You’re more than welcome to join, it’s only a tenner 👍🏼

  1. Well, I went to the show and she was outstanding. I’ve ended up with the album and man it’s good. Probably the reason why I’ve been late in posting up the Jagwar Ma review if I’m honest, I’ve been getting stuck into that! I didn’t know what to expect for her live show.. I’m a sucker for harmonies and some of them with her backing singer were almost First Aid Kit like. There’s a swoon-inducing wahwah guitar in there as well and that just tips it for me.

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