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June Album: Coma – This Side of Paradise

June has been a struggle for an album. David has used his one allowed objection of the year, some albums were only available via a digital format, and some albums didn’t feel right. With those factors I had to revisit the drawing board and pick a wild card. Brothers, may I introduce ‘Coma’ and their brilliant ‘This Side of Paradise’.

I have previously shared the Robag Wruhme remix of ‘Lora’ which found a solid place in my sets last year on the 1’s and 2’s and also became a fan favourite in our house. Naturally I went looking for more and fell in love with Coma and this album. Coma hail from Cologne and release on the amazing Kompakt Records.

There are many things that I love about this album, the first is the way it flows. It’s starts things off with ‘Borderline’ which nicely settles you in for the 8 track journey with a slow melodic build to what I can only describe as the perfect pace for a pre disco shuffle. The familiar ‘Lora’ follows which sets a good standard moving forward.

This album has found a strong place in my life around the house, at work and in the car. It’s lets you get lost in it if you let it. ‘The Wind’ is catchy but haunting.  It also introduced me to the vocalist Dillion who is worth checking out as well.

Showing a slight build to the pace throughout, the likes of ‘Pigeon Power’ and ‘Verse Chorus’ remind me a little of something Mylo would make. Whilst ‘Poor Knight’ makes me want to go raving and always seems much more fast paced then in reality in actually is.

‘The Sea’ is another stand out and I highly recommend you check out the Baio remix. Another track that has found a firm home in my sets. Lastly ‘Happiness’ ties things up through grimly building before bringing itself back down and finishing out the album.

It confuses me what category to put this music in. Is it ‘chill out’, ‘deep house’, ‘electronica’? The 4/4 beats make it dance driven, but it seems to have a place within a club but also very far away from one. It’s easy to leave this album on repeat and I heavily suggest this approach as it sinks in nicely.

Hayley and Luke seem to like it as much as me. Hopefully Coma also finds a place in your lives. Enjoy brothers!


10 thoughts on “June Album: Coma – This Side of Paradise

  1. I’m looking forward to it Brother. Nice to have something that I literally know nothing about. I’ve been listening to Mutual Benefit buy the way, quite different to Loves’ Crushing Diamond but I am loving it.

  2. This is really really lovely. Reminds me of all sorts of stuff – Caribou’s slower stuff, some great deep house, bits of Floating Points more 4/4 works – and it’s got a lovely flow to it, as you’ve said. This could be a real unknown summer classic for me. I’ve listened to it twice in a row today, which is always a good sign. Looking forward to listening to it on holiday from tomorrow. Astute choice.

  3. Hi guys. What a horrible week. I’m literally speechless. As always, when all else is failing … music.

    Firstly, thanks Nolan. Its still a nice treat to get a physical AOTM in the post. Let’s keep doing CDs and keeping it old-digital-school. As per regular life poo, I’ve been working loads and this has been my only real listening time. This means that I’ve had this on repeat and have probably listened to it 4 or 5 times through. The only issue is that as I am working its tended to be pretty passive listening. This means at this point I’ve got no particularly valuable insights into this album. It is ‘nice’ and there’s nothing that I’ve actively disliked. I’ve picked up on some very ‘Caribou’ moments too. There are some other influences in there that have not quite made it to the front of my brain to be fully recognised but am sure they will do in the future. Nothing’s grabbed me and really captured my attention but this is a pretty unfair expectation given what I’ve been doing at work.

    Potentially looking at new role which should help me balance life and work a bit better and make me a more active music consumer and blogger. Fingers crossed the Brexit will only delay this and not destroy it!

  4. Quick update. Stacey and Silvia are out for a few hours, little Sammy’s in bed. Music time. Now I am able to focus on this its revealing a lot more. Its a much better listen on my proper speaker too (I have little portable thing in the room I work in … that’s going have to change now!). The opening of Pinguin Power is pure LCD! I knew there were some other influences that I’d not put my fingers on yet.

  5. Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE this. I listened to it for the first time yesterday while out running. The first thing that came to mind was Caribou, and I mean that as the highest compliment. Really gorgeous and beguiling.

    More as I listen further, but this is a cracker.

  6. Right. Spent a bit of time with this now and I couldn’t be more effusive about it if I tried. It’s an absolute delight, and probably my fave AOTM on here for quite a while. It’s so gorgeous and rich. It almost feels like really amazing techno in the way it’s constructed, except of course it’s so much slower and more downbeat. It does remind me of what I remember as halcyon days for ‘downbeat’ electronica in the late 90s/early 00s – Zero 7, Royksopp, Smoke City, Kid Loco, All Seeing Eye, all that stuff that I lapped up. But it’s not at all nostalgic, it feels very forward looking.

    My favourite Caribou era is actually Andorra, the album BEFORE the out and out dance vibe of Swim and Our Love. It captured a proper sense of psychedelia married to electronica. This does exactly the same. Its heart has got a bit of summer of love about it – the way that also William Orbit does at his best. In short, it’s bloody gorgeous and I love it.

      1. What a day, in a year that seems to have no end of calamitous news and grim predictions. Thank fuck for music.

        Can’t really add a lot more to what’s already been done here, but I’m on my 5th listen and it’s just a lovely piece of work. All the influences and marks that everyone’s already referenced I’d agree with (sounds like I need to get the first Caribou album Brother David). But while there’s a lot of associations, it’s definitely Coma’s own. Reverence is fine, but make it your own, and that’s definitely the case here.

        Something else that makes sense is that in a world where there’s so many albums that feel they have to have at least 10 tracks, and one or two ‘interesting’ ones or something to prove that the artist can do ‘other stuff’. If the tracks aren’t up to it then why bother? Even ‘Our Love’ has a few that don’t really gel, but there’s no filler here. That’s to be applauded, given the amount of unnecessary tracks out there when one or two less would do.

        A really surprise gem this. The pressure is on!

  7. Oh bugger. I was too slow to the mark to call out the non-obvious (but definitely there) similarity to ‘Andorra’. I was having a casual listen the other day (amid the usual family chaos) and one track really jumped out to me as sounding very Andorra like … I have no idea what track it was as I am sure one of the kids did something that demanded parental intervention and I was distracted. I’ll listen through again and I identify it. But yes Brother Guy, you absolutely should look into Andorra.

    So where am I with this album? More importantly why am I asking myself questions? I like it. I get it. I it is nice, possibly even lovely. It’s very listenable. It will offend almost nobody. Can you hear a ‘but’ coming? But, for me it makes me want to listen to the stuff it reminds me of. I have listened to it loads which I don’t always get the chance to do for AOTM. I have enjoyed it but with my (much discussed) listening time constraints if I think about it too much, it makes me want to listen to ‘Our Love’ by Caribou, an album that I was actually disappointed with initially (really!?).

    Its a total thumbs up. It will probably end the year as one of my most listened too which is big. However, I am listening to ‘Our Love’ as we type.

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