7 thoughts on “Radiohead, the cheeky buggers (again)

  1. There is nothing in the whole world of music that I find harder to grasp than the hugeness of Radiohead. Every song sounds like this to me: https://youtu.be/DfkPmbg1ymM

    What is it that I’m missing? I get that half the globe hang on their every utterance, but all I hear is Yorke whining over the top of a a band who sound like they’ve been listening to too much Philip Glass.

    Am I alone amongst the four of us? Do tell.

  2. Ha. Coldplay?

    Brother David: I know a few like you too. And sometimes it just doesn’t click. Personally, they’re one of the my favourite 5 bands of all time. King Of Limbs really did disappear up its own arse almost, but even it had some moments of startling beauty. For someone that loves them from The Bends first hit me in the 90s, OK Computer is still one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever listened to.

    I don’t wank over them, or buy all their 12″ singles to pore over every lyric, but they’re a constant source of inventiveness, and even when you listen to their less accessible stuff, the fact that they’re one of the biggest bands in the world, and want to try and always push forward is pretty impressive, even if you don’t feel their music. Can you imagine U2, Coldplay, Adele, doing that sort of thing? Nope.

    I actually feel for you not liking them. I’ve listened to something of theirs every month since about 1992.

  3. Don’t feel for me. I’m really, really happy not having them in my life. I have so much great music to listen to, and they’re just not for me.

    Can I be honest? (always bad when someone asks that question, right?!) Are they really pushing boundaries? Are we sure they are? Once they departed from the OK Computer template (easily their best album IMHO), what were they doing that wasn’t being done by a million different artists in electronic and other experimental music? And lyrically, I’ve always had that sneaking feeling their obtuseness is a sign that they don’t really know what they want to say beyond a general sense of millennial ennui and disappointment. Also, where’s the joy? That’s what I love about dance music and hip-hop, and great rock’n’roll – you hear it and it lights up your life. It’s hard to hear Yorke’s voice and hear joy. Angst, yes, plenty of that, but it’s a bit bloody relentless and humourless. People always said The Smiths were depressing, but actually, their songs are full of laugh-out-loud lyrics, and Marr’s melodies can make your heart sing.

    Anyway, I realise most of the world hangs on their every tortured utterance, but I’m afraid Radiohead and I are barely on speaking terms.

  4. I loved ‘The Bends’ when it came out … scratch that, I love ‘The Bends’ I think its incredible. I don’t really think anything else sounded much like it at the time (though I appreciate it is their ‘conventional’ album’). Ok Computer blew me away and then I lost touch as they disappeared up their own arse. I’ve flirted with Kid A in recent years and could spend a fair bit of time with that record. I did buy and love Eraser too. Not listened to much recently but I think its a good record. I also like a lot Mr. Yorkes remix stuff. So what I guess I am trying to say is that I probably sit between you too brothers. I get it. I’m no hater, no fan boy but they did play a big part in my teen years with their first two albums. I’m probably rare in that I did love them and then lost touch?

  5. You see, I think the reason they get props is because compared to other guitar/rock groups that selling millions of records they DO make things that aren’t ‘mainstream’. Can you see Coldplay doing that? Or how many people doing really interesting stuff sell what they do with their public profile? I get what you’re saying, and while the last album was disappointing overall, they still make some brilliant music. I’ve always been a fan, and Atoms For Peace and his remixes are also interesting as you say.

    I know they’re a bit marmite now, but considering how long they’ve been at the top, I think it’s pretty amazing they’re still in control of what they do and say, and make stuff on their own terms.

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