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Untitled Kendrick

Kendrick just dropped this out of nowhere. I’m only a first listen, but this is BLOWING MY MIND. Like more than Butterfly. I can’t explain why, but I am LOVING it.

Should I go back to Butterfly? Does this feel different? It’s apparently just unreleased tracks from the same sessions. It’s got such groove and flow. Just brilliant.

Thoughts, brothers?

4 thoughts on “Untitled Kendrick

  1. Still only half way through but this is sounding incredible. I keep going back to ‘Butterfly’ but get 30 seconds into him shouting ‘this dick ain’t free’ and I give in an hang up my Hip Hop boots.

  2. Yup, I’m loving this as well. I have been re-visiting ‘Butterfly’ since the Grammy’s. I still think it’s amazing. I think in butterfly he pushed boundaries in more ways than way. This is more core hip hop.

    I will point out that I understand why he had to leave these songs off as they didn’t fit in with the album. The majority of these songs weren’t pushing the boundaries conceptually in line with the album.

    Either way……. This has taken the top spot on my playlist!

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