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David Bowie – The Speed Of Life

Well, I know I’ve been listening to a LOT of David Bowie lately, and I’ve been discovering his old albums, and what a wonderful adventure it’s proving to be. His Berlin trilogy particularly, is a revelation. And Low, well, the influences come thick and fast, but the first few bars of The Speed Of Life, it’s just Blur, isn’t it? Fascinating.


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2 thoughts on “David Bowie – The Speed Of Life

  1. Glad you’re enjoying delving into his incredible back catalogue, Brother G. So much treasure in there. I’ve listened to little else for the last month. Random loves for these random album tracks right now:

    Teenage Wildlife from Scary Monsters

    Right from Young Americans

    Boys Keep Swinging from Lodger

    His AMAZING Velvet Undergroung cover

    James Murphy’s peerless reimagining of a song from The Next Day.

    I mean, I could go on forever!…

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