5 thoughts on “Roots Manuva – Don’t Breathe Out

  1. I’ve always been a lot further than 50:50. Brand New Second Hand is on my fave album list. Its an awesome debut and for me stands up as one of the best Hip Hop albums ever, yep, sorry Nolan but I went there. His voice is one of the most distinctive in Hip Hop and makes me smile each time. I love this track. I hope the new album lives up to this track and holds together as well as his first.

  2. Hey. The albums good. I am really enjoying it. its not 5/5 but its at least 3.5/5.

    ‘Hard Bartsards’ Verse 2 – I can’t think of too many rappers writing lyrics like this;

    “Things are getting bleak, we ain’t seen the worst
    Kids are having kids, kids that will never work
    Grandad never worked, daddy never worked now
    Three generation don’t give a shit about work
    They all got aspirations but nothing they suppose to
    The tv and the magazine it keeps it kinda hopeful
    That one day in someway they’ll get a lucky break
    In the meantime that plant food provides a cheap escape
    The government don’t trust them and keeps them all in place With cheap food and cheap booze that keeps them out of shape
    The underclass, the lowly class with no damn togetherness
    The union that sold them out and sold them togetherness
    Will look the other way, as the first becomes the third world
    There’s one world not three worlds, nothing free in the free market
    Legitimate targets sitting suffocating for the
    Classless society and the endless enslavement”

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