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I Love Makonnen

I’m not claiming to be up on anything new here but I am really enjoying this, more so than anything like this that I’ve heard for some time.

The three tracks below are from a self titled 7 track EP.

Is the EP having a re-surgence in the digital world? I always though downloading would destroy the LP as an art-form but it seems to have increased the release of EPs? Not sure if this is correct or not but it feels that way?

3 thoughts on “I Love Makonnen

  1. Agree with Nolan. The EP does seem to have re-emerged. Funny what has prevailed: vinyl’s resurgence too.
    Afraid I also agree with Nolan that this ain’t doing much for me. What am I missing?

  2. I guess I just think this is fun. I like artists in Hip Hop and R&B who don’t take themselves too seriously. I hardly listen to any these days so I guess I’d miss if this sounds like everything else? Catchy fun tracks for me.

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