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Lower Dens – To Die in L.A.

Some time ago … 3 years?!? (have we been doing this for 3 years?) I emailed (don’t think we’d made it blogs yet) a track called ‘Brains’ by Lower Dens.  I loved it, I loved the understated album. They’re back and I am quite happy to announce not much has changed … in a good way? I think so.

Here is ‘Brains’ from 2012

5 thoughts on “Lower Dens – To Die in L.A.

  1. Fair enough David. Stacey thinks this sounds typical me … like they can’t be arsed to actually play/sing. Bit like the Strokes I guess 🙂 oh and I thought the Strokes were pop?

    Its interesting as Stacey makes massively astute observations of what I like / don’t like that I miss all the time. Its like having a 2nd mind 🙂

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