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Some things to listen to ….

Singer Song Writers Ahoy

Natalie Prass – Nashville lady writes beautiful songs and sounds like Dolly / Dusty. Very clean and polished for me but I can’t resist the voice. Too much Grammy-bait or is it hitting the mark?

Tobias Jesso Jr. – lots of songs about the twin faces of Hollywood.

New Frank Ocean

6 thoughts on “Some things to listen to ….

  1. Natalie Prass needs to be unpolished a bit. The production is funny as I don’t think her vocals sit well. She needs to sit in a room with Rick Rudin and see what happens.

    I’ve heard this Hollywood track a few times recently. I really like it. I struggle with seeing him sing though. He looks like the dude from badass!

    As for Frank Ocean… I’m really looking forward to his new album. Most anticipated album of 2015?

  2. Chromatics album is on the anticipated list too. I know what you mean about Ms Prass but can’t help really enjoying the album. I don’t watch music videos …. it just puts me off more than it helps me engage with so I’ve no frame of reference on Tobias but the badass reference is funny. Which dude though, fat or thin?

  3. Was looking forward to that Natalie Press album, I loved the first Matthew E White album and I love the idea of them using a ‘house band’ in the Muscle Shoals style. But It just doesn’t do it for me at all. I don’t know why. It is so carefully constructed, it’s like they’ve knocked the life out of it. It reminds me of later Cat Power stuff, which I thought got more and more bland, the more Nashville she went. Not sure about the other dude either. The Frank Ocean is about 20 times more exciting! 😉

  4. Never really listened to Cat Power, I think the Natalie Prass thing is filling a gap. Its not changing my life but I do really like her voice. Nolan’s right the production is ‘funny’ but I think I like what they’ve done with it being quite low and ‘off centre’ in the mix (I know what I mean).

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