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Thoughts and albums ….


Happy New Year.

Not to go into too much detail or play pitty-me too much but we’ve had a pretty horrific Xmas in the Story-Household. Following the arrival of Samuel Stacey’s been very ill (life-threatening) and been in and out of hospital all Xmas. She’s still in hospital now, hopefully out tomorrow. The only upside being that I’ve had plenty of time to and fro hospital listening to music and plenty of time at home with my thoughts (and two children).

2014 Favourite Albums ( I don’t really ‘think in tracks’ so my fave tracks would be an assortment of tracks off the following albums)

‘Benji’ – Sun Kil Moon

A horrifically depressing album which is literally a list of songs about different friends and relatives dying. It is also horrifically beautiful and why it is my favourite album of the year. Why when I am down in the dumps do I only want to listen to music about being down in the dumps? I’ve considered this 3 times for an album of the month but decided against it as I don’t want to bum you all out!

‘Lost in the Dream’ – The War on Drugs

Like a lazy mash of mid 80s Dylan and Springsteen  … I’m not selling it to you am I?

‘LP1’ – FKA Twigs 

One of things I did over Xmas was consolidate my view on this album. I think its brilliant. Its been on constant rotation recently and I am finding more and more in it. 2 Weeks is my track of the year too. I am still as excited hearing it now as I was when it first came out after the summer.

‘Our Love’ – Caribou

I have loads of reservations about this album but its still there for me. In my opinion it is a million miles behind ‘Swim’ which is in my Top 5 all time albums. The highs are too high to ignore it though.

‘Pure Heroine’ – Lorde

Unashamed enjoyment on every listen. I love the lyrics and the sentiment. The kind of artist I hope my daughter likes (if thats not damning with faint praise)

‘Too Bright’ – Perfume Genius

I love this guy. If I was doing top tracks of 2014 at least 4 would be from this album – Queen / Fool / Grid / Longpig (in no order)

‘Black Messiah’ – D’Angelo

Not sure if this should be counted in 2014 but this album is incredible. If it came earlier and I’d had more time with it then it would be my top album.

7 thoughts on “Thoughts and albums ….

  1. PS – Mark Kozolek (aka Sun Kil Moon) also released an Xmas album that I would massively recommend for next year. I thought it would be an ultra-ironic feast of moodiness but it turned out to be a lovely collection of Xmas songs sung beautifully. Probably a bit early for Xmas 2015 prep but well worth keeping a note for next year.

  2. Good album discussions too. I think I must be the only one of us that just didn’t think FKA was much cop. Sonically interesting, but once that newness went, it left me cold really. But what do I know?

    Massively agree with Caribou, and Lorde, and also absolutely loved Craig Bratley’s album (sneaked in, along with Museum of Love). New Build’s new one is still one of the best things I’ve heard all year, however biased I am, and Hendra by Ben Watt.

    Massive shouts out to two other AOTM picks here that are still fully on rotation: Todd Terje and Future Islands. The first I knew I’d love, and the second I thought I’d hate. See, I’m not always so bloody inflexible 😉

    Just couldn’t get into Young Fathers I’m afraid, but I know I should probably check out War On Drugs and also D’Angelo, if only because everyone’s been raving about them.

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