Perfume Genius is ….

… doing some very interesting things

Its all a far cry from where he’s come. I love it when an artist that you adore does something different and it comes off.

I am very excited for a new album. ‘Put your back in 2 it’ is still on constant rotation in Casa Story though it does get banned from time to time as it makes me so tearful still!


  1. David Allison

    I know you’ve been into him for a while, but he’s never quite done it for me.
    And then last night, I heard a song that stopped me in my tracks. I was like, I HAVE to know who this is.
    It was Queen by Perfume Genius.

    Needless to say I’m on board now. When’s the album dropping, bro?

    • misterstory

      Ive been listening Brother David. I really like the new album. It sparkles … But I keep forgetting about it! There’s something there not quite fitting but can’t work out what. When I go back to it I love it …. Poof! Then I forget it. Then I love it again etc etc

  2. misterstory

    Glad your liking this new stuff. I thought you would. It has a bit of Bowie in there …. not sure which bit or which era but there’s something there. I’ll check on the album as I’m not sure.

    • misterstory

      He’s done two albums of very stripped back, heart wrenching little songs … and then expanded his world to sound like this. I wrote about his second album a year and a bit ago … the one that makes me cry nearly every time I listen to it!

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