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Perfume Genius is ….

… doing some very interesting things

Its all a far cry from where he’s come. I love it when an artist that you adore does something different and it comes off.

I am very excited for a new album. ‘Put your back in 2 it’ is still on constant rotation in Casa Story though it does get banned from time to time as it makes me so tearful still!

20 thoughts on “Perfume Genius is ….

  1. I know you’ve been into him for a while, but he’s never quite done it for me.
    And then last night, I heard a song that stopped me in my tracks. I was like, I HAVE to know who this is.
    It was Queen by Perfume Genius.

    Needless to say I’m on board now. When’s the album dropping, bro?

    1. Ive been listening Brother David. I really like the new album. It sparkles … But I keep forgetting about it! There’s something there not quite fitting but can’t work out what. When I go back to it I love it …. Poof! Then I forget it. Then I love it again etc etc

  2. Glad your liking this new stuff. I thought you would. It has a bit of Bowie in there …. not sure which bit or which era but there’s something there. I’ll check on the album as I’m not sure.

    1. He’s done two albums of very stripped back, heart wrenching little songs … and then expanded his world to sound like this. I wrote about his second album a year and a bit ago … the one that makes me cry nearly every time I listen to it!

      1. I think this is going to create a great introduction to him for those that may have found his last two albums a bit raw.

        I’m loving the album. ‘fool’ is my stand out track so far, but have only been listening for the last day.

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