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March: James Vincent McMorrow – Post Tropical

I have Chosen the new offering from James Vincent McMorrow; Tropical.

So what should you know as you first listen to this album. .. erm he’s from Ireland? … that’s all I really know about him other than I saw him on Jools Holland in 2011 and have had him in my life since.

His latest offering has grown on me more and more with each listen. I must say that you may need to be patient and gives this a few goes.. but I have to warn you it starts getting really easy to get lost in.

It’s hard to pin-point who os what he sounds like. There are elements of Bon Iver, perfume Genius and perhaps Antony and The Johnsons largely for his tones.

I have found that it’s the kind of album I like as I continue to change my stand out track . I find this is a great album to have on in the house, driving and traveling on the tube.

This is an album that makes me like music: it’s well produced, written, performed and on a independant label.

Enjoy brothers!

3 thoughts on “March: James Vincent McMorrow – Post Tropical

  1. My copy finally arrived!

    On first listen, my thoughts were: blimey, I wonder if James Blake is gonna sue. I mean, it sounds SO like him at times, particularly the voice. But I’m on the third listen now and it’s beginning to grow its own personality. It’s gentle and very lovely, but I wonder if it’s too gentle at times. I’ll get back to you on that one. This kind of sounds is a crowded market, so it’ll take something to really standout. Can’t quite work out yet if he’s done so, though there’s obviously plenty of talent on display.

    Will post more after a few more listens…

  2. I don’t know what to do with this one. David got in there with the James Blake comment first but I am a close 2nd. 1st listen I thought ‘what ever, James Blake copy and I don’t even really like James Blake’. 2nd listen ‘hang on, there’s some good tracks here’ 3rd listen ‘I don’t know what to do with this’. On the upside I like it way more than I think Im going to when I listen to it and as Nolan commented your fave track does change. Bit of an odd one for me. I’m also not sure when to listen to it either. Its not fitting into any of my usual slots!

  3. Afraid I’m still struggling with this. As Brother Joey says, I don’t really know what it is. It sounds so much like a lot of other albums, I feel that it lacks personality. He’s not really making an impression on me. Sorry James McM.

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