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Things that are making me smile No1: Sun Kil Moon ‘UK Blues’

So. Sun Kil Moon lyrics have been making me smile recently. I love his style of story telling. There’s a bit of ‘novelty’ about this track but it never fails to make me smile. I really like his voice. The album is really worth a listen. Its not a stone cold classic but if you like this then it be worth a listen.

Lyrics below – track on video.

UK Blues by Sun Kil Moon

Arrived in Helsinki, tired and sticky
My body hit the bed, I almost fell dead
Got to the venue, they ink-stamped my wrist, waitress asked me Mark…
Meat or white fish?
Got up on the stage, the sound it was ok
But I struggled like a marlin on an unlucky day
Tried a few new songs, they looked at me like what?
Where’s Katy Song, Mistress and Grace Cathedral Park?

Finland, Finland
So many trees, John Denver would be pleased
Finland, Finland
Cold as ice but the waitress she was nice

Met a Finn after. She was thin as a waif.
Big viking stepped in, big old oaf named Leif
Went back to my room, alone and I cried
been a year to the day, that my Kit Kat died
Left Helsinki, the next stop was Aarhus
A taxi, two airplanes, and a fucking shuttle bus

Denmark, Denmark
Everybody’s white, everyone rides bikes
Denmark, Denmark
Everyone rides bikes, everybody’s white

Left for London via Copenhagen, for a concert in the park at 1:30pm
Got up on the stage, people gathered round
Retro 80s band… drownded out my sound
went and got my check, went back to my room
Feeling suicidal, feeling full of gloom
Turned on the TV, there was rioting & stuff…
As if this city isn’t depressing enough

London, London
It’s all the rage if your favorite color’s beige
London, London
Look right, look left, makes me think of death

Off to Manchester, then to Bristol
Had a show on a boat, it was half full
Guy in the front, heckled me all night
Skin was a sickly mix of grey, pink, and white
Went back to my room, more riots on the news
Homesick as fuck, I got the UK blues

Bristol, Bristol
Cobblestone streets, people missing teeth
Bristol, Bristol
Is this really what people eat?

Back to London, then to Belfast
Had to catch a plane, had to get there fast
Had to get a room, had to change my clothes
Had to change my strings, check my sound and play a show
Had to meet some friends, had to take a bath
Had to catch a flight, going home at last.

Belfast, Belfast
Out the taxi window cows sleeping on the grass
Belfast, Belfast
Out the taxi window cows sleeping on the grass

2 thoughts on “Things that are making me smile No1: Sun Kil Moon ‘UK Blues’

  1. Oh my word, I LOVE this. I’ve heard his name knocking about, but not heard a track before. Maybe it’s the lyrics that make it – his voice isn’t that remarkable. But he really conveys melancholy. Lovely.

  2. Oh I am so happy. How funny is that? Thats made me really happy. I thought I was on my own for a minute. I absolutely love this whole album. He’s got a new album out on Monday and it’s getting rave reviews. I love his lyrical writing, its so matter of fact, no metaphor, simile just nuts and bolts story telling ‘I did this, she did that, he said this’. There’s some really heart breaking stuff on this album and some really uplifting beautiful stuff too. I am looking forward to the new one coming out. I’ve got it on Pre-Order.

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