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Midlake – The Old And The Young

Seeing as this isn’t the album of the month for Jan, this is worth posting. I’ve been a fan of Midlake since I was put onto them about the time The Trials Of Van Occupanther came out in 2006. They’re a band that sounds very much like they were born in the 50s (1850s), with a real Americana feel, as if they’d lived in a log cabin (see Roscoe, for that whole vibe from that album) and worked on the railroad. It could be affected, but actually it’s great, and they don’t really sound like much else I own, though the vibe is quite similar to the isolation of Bon Iver’s debut album.

This is the single from their new album, sans original frontman, but they’re still just a potent, and this is such a rich sounding record, but they have an amazing way of evoking world-weariness and regret and emotion in their music. I like this A LOT.


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4 thoughts on “Midlake – The Old And The Young

  1. 6Music have been hammering this. I do like it – very Fleetwood Mac in the best possible way. But I worry that his vocals lack the personality of his predecessor. I LOVED Van Occupanther, like proper loved. But I really didn’t dig the follow up and have rarely played it. I’ll maybe check out the album on your recommendation?

  2. Give the album a whirl, even just on *cough* Spotify. The single’s good, but it’s a really lovely album. It’s not quite the same sound, because of the change in vocals, but I don’t think it loses much. I love it just as much as the last two.

  3. You know what, you’re right. I like it, quite a lot actually. Much more varied in tempo than their rather funereal last album and it’s quite heavy in some places (in a good way). Cheers Guy, might buy this.l

  4. Yeah, definitely. It’s much more textured and lush than previous stuff, and what it loses in that funereal (ha, nail on head) bleakness it gains in warmth and character, but definitely still sounds like Midlake. I can’t get enough of this.

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