Welsh wonder

OK, so I’ve been quite a fan of Cate Le Bon for a while, but she’s quite an acquired taste. However, I think her latest album is a huge breakthrough. And this single is just divine. Not our normal kind of stuff on this blog, so would love to know what you think…


  1. misterstory

    Yes, yes. I’ve heard this on 6Music quite a bit, without knowing that its was Cate Le Bon. My first thoughts were ‘wow this is very David’ … then Stacey came in and said ‘wow this is very you’ which made me laugh. So, once you get over that she is doing a pretty good Nico impression/tribute(?) this is a very pretty little record. On questioning Stacey about her comment she mean that it sounded like Velvet Underground and Nico and apparently I like music where the singer sounds bored. After hearing and liking on 6Music I think I assumed that it might not stand up for a complete albums worth? Would you suggest I got involved in the album?

    … Another small thing ‘Cate Le Bon’ sounds like the name of someone that I might find very annoying and want to poke in the eye?

  2. David Allison

    I think the name is a joke that stuck, bless her. Funny that Stacey thinks it’s quite ‘you’. I can see that actually.
    Before this album, I’d say that yes, her schtick doesn’t quite sustain a whole record, but this new album is a huge leap forward. It’s been on heavy rotation for the last month. I’d highly recommend it.

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