3 thoughts on “Welsh wonder

  1. Yes, yes. I’ve heard this on 6Music quite a bit, without knowing that its was Cate Le Bon. My first thoughts were ‘wow this is very David’ … then Stacey came in and said ‘wow this is very you’ which made me laugh. So, once you get over that she is doing a pretty good Nico impression/tribute(?) this is a very pretty little record. On questioning Stacey about her comment she mean that it sounded like Velvet Underground and Nico and apparently I like music where the singer sounds bored. After hearing and liking on 6Music I think I assumed that it might not stand up for a complete albums worth? Would you suggest I got involved in the album?

    … Another small thing ‘Cate Le Bon’ sounds like the name of someone that I might find very annoying and want to poke in the eye?

  2. I think the name is a joke that stuck, bless her. Funny that Stacey thinks it’s quite ‘you’. I can see that actually.
    Before this album, I’d say that yes, her schtick doesn’t quite sustain a whole record, but this new album is a huge leap forward. It’s been on heavy rotation for the last month. I’d highly recommend it.

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