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Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Well, I’ve been waiting for this to a while. And I absolutely love it. I think with James Murphy on board it’ll be really interesting to see what the album’s like. Even though it sounds like Arcade Fire singing an LCD Soundsystem cover, in fact more like half that and half Metronomy, and after a few listens I’ve lost that and just think it’s an absolutely stonking record. It’s good that they are happy to go with James Murphy’s direction and not feel that have to make Suburbs II. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the stuff for the new album. Every one’s been a bit of a change so far, after all.

I didn’t warm to the Suburbs at first, but I actually love it as much as all their other work. It’s got this slight feeling of decay to it, in that it’s actually much more subtle than you think at first, and while it’s a bit long, there are some incredible songs on it. But each album’s been a progression. Funeral sounded like nothing I’d ever heard, then Black Mirror was this bleak treatise on the world, capitalism (but beautifully melodic) and then The Suburbs moved them into middle America, capturing this ennui and post-crash boredom and decay. I can’t wait to hear what the new one is like. They are – like them or not – brilliant musicians, and understand they need to change, and this is mouthwatering. I’m sure they won’t just make a bunch of disco-fied Arcade Fire tracks, I’m sure there’s a few tricks up their sleeve.


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7 thoughts on “Arcade Fire – Reflektor

  1. GREAT video and a tasty tune….but I can’t help but feel it’s not QUITE the monster everyone’s making it out to be. I guess it’s SO LCD sounding that part of me just wants to hear James Murphy on the vocal instead! Still, the album should be an interesting one.

    1. I think you need a good few listens to get away from the LCD thing. I thought it was exactly that when I got into it, but it’s grown in other ways, and now I just see it as the band’s latest direction. there’s enough of them in there (sax, uke, harmonies) for the rest to end up doing away. plus the lyrics are fantastic.

      in my opinion 😉

  2. Listened to this loads now (it’s on 6Music 20 times a day). It’s good, it really is, but for me it’s not AMAZING. If I didn’t know it was Arcade Fire, I’m not sure I’d think it was that standout.

  3. You know what, the more I hear it, the less I like it. I know this might sound like sacrilege, but weren’t The Rapture and !!! (Chk Chk Chk) making this kind of disco-fied rock in about 2005?

    *runs away before he gets pelted with rocks*

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