Kanye West – New Slaves

Kanye has debuted his new video all over the world by projecting it on walls around the world. Ye is SPITTING ON THIS!!!!!

One comment

  1. misterstory


    Tough to say much really as you can’t tell WTF is going on musically speaking? But my first reaction was …. ok … he’s let himself down again by dropping awesome lyrics next to shite lyrics. This sounds like one of his live show rants with a beat … in a bad way. I’ll reserve judgement till I hear it properly and reserve the same right to change my mind. But he does contradict himself with his socially conscious lyrics sitting right next to Maybach-referencing ‘bling’ lyrics. He doesn’t have the self regulation to hold off bragging and I don’t buy that the self referential contradiction is tongue in cheek. Not on this one.

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