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Perfume Genius: Put Your Back N 2 It


I don’t like the first quarter of each year, musically speaking. There’s not usually that much going on. When something good does come out, I’m never sure if it is that good or if it’s just good compared to anything or nothing else that’s been released recently.

So this popped up on Pitchfork and was badged as ‘Best New Music’ by Pitchfork which means an 8.5 score or above. I was familiar with Perfume Genius previously. In 2010 he released a single of his debut album called Mr. Peterson. An odd little track, piano and voice, relatively upbeat little song … about an inappropriate relationship with a male teacher at school. When you stopped and listened carefuly it turned out to be a beautiful and moving song about a very awkward subject.

This album is better than the first. Much better. 8.5 for me is a poor overall review for this album. No song has an ounce of fat. The album does not have a weak song. It is a collection of relatively short, sparsely instrumented ‘ballads’. The subject matter, on the surface appear to be personal and moving. If you google and dig about in interviews and reviews then you discover more about the subjects and re-engaging with the album and lyrics has bought me close to tears.

I know this won’t be for everyone. It’s not a happy album. If you like people pouring their hearts and their guts out in front of all and you like … and you like this done beautifully, then you’ll probably love this.

I can’t stop listening to this.

You can stream the album here. As always, if you can spare (I think its only about 35 mins) the time and have some headphones, it’s worth listening to in isolation, if you can find the lyrics online then that is worth it too.


14 thoughts on “Perfume Genius: Put Your Back N 2 It

  1. Nice one Nolan. I wasn’t a huge fan of the 1st album. I like it a lot more as I think I can make a lot more sense of it now. This new one, despite its subject matter is way more accessible. There’s even a couple of ballads on there that I can imagine some record exec suggesting a young mid-pubescent starlet could sing and totally miss the point.

  2. Ha, very good point brother Story. The chances of a Bon Iver happening to him are fairly high with some of these album tracks. With that I have properly got consumed with this album. I have ordered it so I can take it beyond my laptop!

  3. Ok. Where are Brothers David and Guy on this one? I am listening to this album after an enforced lay off. Sometimes I think I get caught up in a moment when I love an album and play it all the time. Sometimes, I therefore force myself to leave it alone. Step away from the album Brother Story. I’ve now returned to it and I love love love it even more. This album is close enough to perfect for me. To cap it all off my daughter is now doing slow ethereal dancing (think Kate Bush) to the penultimate track. I have half a mind to buy this for the brotherhood just so you have no excuse not to listen to it. OK. I’ll relax now.

  4. This has been a constant in my life for the last two weeks. As an added bonus I’ve started to get into his first album a bit more as well. The second seems to make the first make a bit more sense. This is without a doubt a must buy and get into your life album!

  5. Sorry, was away at the weekend. Yay Barcelona!Must admit not feeling this one yet. I need to give it more time, right?

  6. Beauty is in the ear of the beholder I guess. Thats the good thing on this blog I guess that we do have very different tastes as well as many similarities. For me, this was an immediate love so maybe it will never hit the spot for you Brother David? Either that or your ears are broken? 🙂

  7. Hmmm. I’ve still not even had a chance to listen to this. I’m only just getting into Twin Shadow. Mental work + Barca = zero free time. I’ll try this week. On the plus side, I’m really enjoying Twin Shadow.

  8. No. WHY WAS I NOT NOTIFIED? Was with mates in Barcelonetta for 3 days. Lovely, bar the sunburn. Where was Brother David?

  9. I have no idea Brother Guy. I’m offended that Nolan and I didn’t get to go. I adore Barcelona. Stacey and I will go as soon as Silvia is young enough to leave! We usually stay in Bari Gottica as close as I can get to Pim Pam Burger 🙂

  10. Gotic is ace. In fact bar a bit of Raval, (not the red light district) it’s my favourite bit really. But I have a soft spot for Barcelonetta, mainly for the characters and the amazing tapas places (esp Vaso de Oro).

  11. Oh don’t tease. I’ve just whinged to Stacey about not being able to go till next year 😦 Barcelonetta is great just for the fact that it is such a meeting place. Is the old leathery tattooed guy still kicking around naked with his immensely long penis? He’s been there walking up and down every time I’ve been.

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