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February Album – King Creosote & Jon Hopkins


So we officially begin 2012 with an album that was on many reviewers top lists of 2011. I can’t speak highly enough for this album. An album that I regret I only got into over the last month.

You are welcomed by one of the most random intros to grace and album in recent years and then the beautiful long keys of first watch. The next 6 tracks float by in an order that would be hard to better.

This album is a great way to start your day, end your day or just sit, listen and look out the window.

Sadly it lacks in length (7 tracks). You are very much left wanting more.

Enjoy this brothers and I look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

16 thoughts on “February Album – King Creosote & Jon Hopkins

  1. I don’t see this albums length as a negative at all. I love it when an album leaves you wanting more. Its so much better than wishing you’d had less. Most artists (labels) can’t stop themselves from adding tracks to albums for the sake of providing the magic 12 ish tracks … but often end up adding piffle. Case in point; almost every double album ever would have been an outstanding single LP if the artist had any self control and a handle on their ego.Its interesting that you stated this album is a great start or end to the day as I have only ever listened to it at 6.30am driving (very slowly) to Leeds in the traffic or last thing at night before bed. I agree brother Nolan.I thought at first that I liked this album but was not sure if I would connect to it emotionally. I can now say that I have connected with it. Big style. Great start to the introducing new music to the Brotherhood monthly albums Brother Nolan.

  2. I was initially underwhelmed, I have to be honest. You gave it to me the same time as I got hold of the Django Django album, which I’ve been listening to on repeat all week, so it didn’t get much of a look-in. But like all the best records, its charms have grown on me slowly and now I’m really beginning to love it. I love the space in the songwriting and production, love how still and quiet it seems. And I love his voice. Always love it when you can hear someone’s native accent in their singing voice, especially Brits, half of whom seem to think that the transatlantic thing is essential. Finally, I like its brevity too. Too many good albums are diminished by 2 or 3 lesser songs dragging down the second half of the record. Every moment of this earns its place.A lovely, lovely record. Thanks Nolan.

  3. I’ve just ordered this so looking forward to getting my lugs round it. Heard of so much good vibes about this. Interestingly, I’ve also been recommended the Django Django album.

  4. Yep, nipped in the bud. Nolan’s arrived today. First road test tomorrow en route to the office, so first reactions over the weekend I’d have thought. Watch this space….

  5. What do you think Guy? I’m awaiting your opinion on this one. I’ve listened to it a fair bit and I really like it. I think its a top addition to my shelf.

  6. I’m interested to see what guy’s thoughts are on this as well. On a side note my uncle went and saw them last week in Manchester and the did the album end to end… Including the intro.

  7. I’ve had a first listen, and it’s definitely something I think I’ll enjoy. The guy’s voice is very distinctive, which can sometimes mean it becomes a bit more than the music, but it’s very understated. I’m going to give it another couple of listens until come back with the full spiel, but so far so good.

  8. Just listened to this on the train back from Manchester the other day. Every time I listen to it, I love it some more. It’s a gem!

  9. I’ve got through a few listens of this, and I really like it. However, I’ve not really ‘connected’ with it yet. But then it’s an album of subtlety and invention, and I know it’s something that it’ll take me a while to get to. I think musically, it’s brilliant. John Hopkins has a background in electronic music doesn’t he? It’s interesting trying to pick any of that out. So, in short, bear with my brothers, for it’ll be a while before I fully get immersed in this. However, what I’ve heard so far is beautiful.

  10. I had that connection thing at first but I must say that I am now well connected. I really like it. I think it’s me to provide next months album … is that right?

  11. Yeah. I’m very relaxed about it. I look forward to it gradually creeping up on me. Dunno – are you? Is it a monthly thing?

  12. Yup I suggested the idea that each month one of us buys everyone else the same album and we have a chat about it.

  13. Update time: I’ve listened to this 5 or 6 times now, and I’m really enjoying it. It’s not blown me away, but it’s just a lovely, very pleasant album, and 30 minutes of beautiful, wistful, ethereal music. It’s so in contrast to a lot of things I listen to that it’s a lovely way to calm down. I haven’t quite bonded with the songs yet, though I really do like Bats In The Attic and Bubble. I do actually enjoy the very strong accent as well. It gives it character, when it could’ve grated. And most of all, I do like hearing some of the more ‘electronic’ bits in the background, which is obviously John Hopkins’ influence. They’re very subtle, but they’re there. There’s bits of it that remind me of Midlake as well. In a good way.

  14. Its a funny one this … I don’t reach for the CD instincively like I do with some albums but when I do I feel totally rewarded.I try to listen to two complete albums a day kind of a late NY resolution. Running at 3o mins it’s a frequent choice for one of my two! 🙂

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