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Post from Guy: Bear Love

An album arrived on my doorstep this morning. The 2 Bears’ Be Strong. I know there’s been a lot of hype about it, but what I really like is that it’s not tryig to be ‘cool’, and with Joe and Raf in ill-fitting costumes I’m not sure they could be. It’s just modern four-four house music that nods to the past, and I can’t really fail to just enjoy it. It’s not ground-breaking, earth-shattering cutting edge stuff, but then it doesn’t have to be sometimes. Just two people making music they really love and that’s refreshing sometimes with all the hipsters hanging around trying to tell us what’s supposed to be the next ‘cool’ thing to listen to in Dalston.I’m also biased as I’m a proper Hot Chip nerd, but with Greco-Roman and Gabrielle last year it’s clear that Joe Goddard’s more than just the cuddly guy on the keyboards.

Work’s probably my favourite at the moment, and I love the video as it’s shot down my way.



I’m looking forward to getting to know the whole album much better over the next few weeks. You?

15 thoughts on “Post from Guy: Bear Love

  1. Just found a free stream of this. I’ll give it a go when the little one is in bed as it sounds like this may not be bedtime music for a 1 year old? I have an odd relationship with ‘house’ music though. I am never really sure what is ‘good’ or ‘shit’. It sounds like this is smile producing music though so let’s see.

  2. There’s one on the guardian website I know. It’s just very good-natured electronic music. A bit housey, but bits cross over with Hot Chip stuff too. And there’s something glorious about a song that advocates hard work. Bit more realistic than guns, hos and bitches. Or a David Guetta video.

  3. Funny, I was really looking forward to this, what with Gabriel basically being my fave song of last year, but having listened to the stream on The Guardian site, I can’t quite over the whiff of novelty about it. Maybe it’s the treated slowed-down vocals or the slight silliness of tone, but although it’s very lovable, I wonder if I’d really play it that often.There is also that thing that Joseph touched on – I don’t know that I really listen to house music any more. Maybe I never really did listen that much, just that when you’re clubbing, you know what’s current and going on. Now I haven’t a clue.Will stick with it, though, because it’s very good natured and well intentioned, and sometimes those kind of things can be real growers.

  4. I’m with you on the slow-down vocals, and they grated a little at the start, but then you remember these are two chubby, middle-class white guys, and done at normal speed would’ve sounded ridiculous. I can only assume that, wanting to do all the lyrics themselves, they employed this as a gimmick to get the effect of someone else saying it. I find it quite endearing now, rather than just odd first time round (and a bit passe). I think the other reason I love it is that it’s not really the sort of thing I hear in clubs any more. I’d even say it was a sort of lyrical, radio-friendly house music, and that’s not in the way that the over-sanitised, r’n’b-saturated Guetta drivel is, but more that it’s something you can hum and sing to, and you’ll remember, instead less radio-friendly ‘real’ house music. In that respect, it’s not really comparable to more underground stuff, but as you say, it’s good-natured, and down the line, and done through a love for house music, rather than to be cool. You only have to look at their daft bear outfits to realise they don’t really take themselves too seriously.

  5. Hi guys. Long time no blog busy week. I’ve not had loads of time to listen to this as I’ve been in the office loads this week and I’ve not yet reached the stage where I can put headphones and ignore people.I do like to try hard with things like this as I am quite into critique and you should be able to listen to and critique anything objectively … but I am not sure I really can. I agree with David, even when I liked house music, I didn’t really listen to it other than when jumping around with David like gorms in grubby Leeds arches. I think I can tell this is ‘good’. As in, its not piffle. It’s not trying to be ernest. It is well put together … but it is two chubby chaps dressing up as bears and for me its always a novelty record. Don’t get me wrong, Im not too cool for a bit of novely and will profess a love of ‘Your mammas got a a penis’ and much of the output of ‘the chain’ 🙂 but only when pissed up in a field or at a wedding when your mammas actually gone to bed. I will crack on with this however as thats what the brotherhood is.

  6. Funnily enough, I’ve been making a dancey mix – first one I’ve done in ages – and I put Bear Hug on it, and I have to say, it’s a real grower!

  7. Ha, look forward to hearing that (in 2013). I could recommend a podcast for house music *cough* bloke that does it is a bit sketchy though.

  8. Brother Joseph. I get where you’re coming from, but I think calling it a ‘novelty’ record is a bit harsh. Novelty records are stuff like Mr Blobby, Las Ketchup, Keith Chegwin and the Cheeky Girls. Yes, there’s definitely a bit of whimsy in there, and done in a way that it probably wouldn’t be if was their main band, but I’m all for a bit of humour and lightness in music. God knows there’s enough depressing stuff around at the moment.

  9. My definition of ‘novelty’ is anything that you wouldn’t want to self harm to so perhaps ‘harsh’ is spot on! Apologies Brother Guy and to both of the bears.

  10. Haha. So, we can include such things as a fair chunk of Underworld, Beatles, Stones, and Cliff Richard? 😉 From this I would surmised you’re into Joy Division.

  11. Yep. All of the above fall into ‘novelty’.Never got into Joy Division to be honest … you’ve got to hold something back.

  12. Beatles? Stones? Novelty…..!? I almost choked on my pipe there. This sounds like another thread altogether! (never ending, perhaps)

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