5 thoughts on “Mr. Story: This week, I have been mostly listening to …

  1. Nice Joe. I can’t quite read the whole list from the photo. Care to stick artist/title down and a one-liner of what they are. There’s probably half there that I’ve not head of.

  2. Ha. I know, I want for photographic integrity rather than actually being able to read the spines! Top running down (in no preference order);Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring For My Halo (great title)Joanna Newsom – Have one on meDeerhunter – CryptogramsDavid Bowie – Station to StationSandro Perri – Impossible SpacesAtlas Sound – ParallaxEMA – Past Life Martyred SaintsOur Marvin – Whats Going OnYouth Lagoon – The Year of Hibernation

  3. Interesting. Seeing as I’m new to some of this lot, sum up this bunch in a sentence (each). Kurt Vile (nice punnage)Joanne NewsomSandro PerriAtlas SoundEMAYouth Lagoon

  4. Interesting bunch. I do like the new Atlas Sound, but it’s no more than good. Certainly not a PATCH on Deerhunter’s breakthrough album of last year, Halcyon Digest, which I think is the best thing he’s done by a mile. Kurt Vile, I can’t get on with at all. Feel like there’s a lot of acts around with a lot of drone and noise, but not enough tune, and for me he falls into that category. EMA and Youth Lagoon I don’t know at all. Joanna Newsom = so easy to admire, so hard to love. In my experience anyway! I clearly don’t have the attention span…

  5. Ok as per Guy’s request;Kurt Vile – fairly standard singer/songwritery album of 4 minute rock/pop songs but with bags of character and presence. David – not sure of your description here. Do you have the right artist? I will admit his voice is ‘droney’ but drone/noise makes me think Fuck Buttons kind of stuff? This is American Indie Rock if you ask me? I love this album and David, there are loads of tunes. Nolan bought it for me in Dec and I played it to death over Xmas. Have a spotify listen as it is a real growerJoanne Newsome – This does take some commitment, its a tripple albu,=m of mostly squeaky woman + piano (she is famous for previous albums of squeaky woman + harp). Please both of you, listen to ’81’. Just one song. 4 minutes of your life, please listen.Sandro Perri – intersting, quirky artisit … can’t describe really – google ‘Changes’ and listen. Album not as good as ‘Changes’ suggested but is growing on me.EMA – Hmmmmmm. Love or hate really. She’s 22. She’s American. She’s pretty emotionally open/naked. The songs are all quite epic and build towards a cresendo of instrumentation but for me it really works. This made it to quite a few best of 2011 lists or got slated!Atlas Sound – David’s right this is ‘good’ but I am a Bradford Cox (Deerhunter front man) fan. This is his third solo album and is 2nd best for me (Let the blind … is the best). Bradford Cox has many disperate ideas and sounds and produces loads of work, that that does not become Deerhunter usually ends up as Atlas Sound. I think this is stuff for fans.Youth Lagoon – a 19 year old geek, bedroom recorded album of little tunes Nu-Gaze (sorry) style. This is another real grower.I wasn’t saying that this was my current best albums list, just what I’m listenting too.

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