5 thoughts on “SINGLE: “La Forêt” by Lescop

  1. So here’s a single. And for a very good reason. Where next after LCD Soundsystem – through which, of course, we’ve come to Bowie. This track – and bloody hell, what a track – is the first "post-LCD" track I’ve heard that’s taken things forward. It’s got all those influences, but he does something incredible with it. Love the nonchalant singing. It’s got the space of a dubstep tune – how sparse – and how amazing to keep the scratchy guitar until it comes in. I’ve had it on repeat (to coin a phrase) since I first heard it.What do you reckon?

  2. You love a bit of European language electronica don’t you David? Nice track. The space in the track is nicely thought out. That palm muted rhythm guitar is very LCD … but it ends up far less LCD’y than you think it will end up being.The introduction of that distorted organ is key though. It opens up the spaces and adds a much richer texture to the track. Its gorgeous.

  3. I like this a lot. The guitar – as my similarly LCD-obsessed friend just pointed out – is quite New Order-y, and the rhythm pattern and bassline could have All My Friends over it if you listen. And the piano I love, the most LCD part of it all. And yes, it’s a bit daft we’re comparing this to Murphy et al but then this blog is called This Is Not Happening. And the fact that it’s in French I like, which means that (while I understand most of it) you can concentrate on the melody and music and not so much the lyrics or their meaning. Where did you unearth this from by the way?

  4. I am indeed a right sucker for Euro electronica. And this presses SO many of the right buttons. Glad you liked it. Been quite enjoying playing it to folk and getting a ‘wow, what is this?’ response.I unearthed it via a recommendation on http://www.thisismyjam.com which I’ve recently joined. Basically people recommend a track a week (or more) and you can build a playlist from tracks you like. It’s rather neat. Like we all need to waste any more time on the interweb ;-)I can send you an invite if you like the sound of it.

  5. Interesting, I may have a look at that site, though I have so much new music to get through I struggle to fit it all in sometimes! It’s just a really tight, good pop record, and proof that it doesn’t matter what language you’re singing in if it’s a great record. I actually really like the video as well. There’s almost no view of or focus on the singer until the piano’s in, and then the band isn’t shown in a conventionally obvious way, but more introduced because there’s focus on the other instruments at that point. The LCD refernces are there for sure, but not sure I’d have automatically thought "this is inspired by" until the first piano chords. It’s just a good, modern electronic-influenced pop. I do find myself being careful to try and listen to music outside the frame of my favourite acts. I know everything references something, but sometimes it’s spoilt by making a linear association straight away. A good find, Mr Allison.

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