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July Album of the Month: Alice Russell – To Dust

Alice Russell has been on my radar for a while now. About 10 years if memory serves me right. With that I think she has shown potential and blown me away at times and others has been let me down musically.

Last summer I picked up her latest offering not sure what to expect and was pleasently surprised. Like many albums that we seem to all pick, this needs some time, and a little sunshine as well. Perhaps that’s why I have held off a year to share it with you. It works better in the summer for me.

To me this is an album that has been done by someone that has some soul and knows what she wants out of each track on this album. I’m finding this harder and harder to find this days out of a full album and I think she holds it well.

I like this album in the car, when I’m working, when I’m cooking, or just puttering. It seems to be in my life a fair bit once again now the sun has returned. Hopefully it may find a place in yours as well.