Skyzoo Playlists

In one of our most enjoyable chats to date we delved into Skyzoo’s latest effort ‘All the Brilliant Things’ on Episode 13.

Within the chat David requested a Skyzoo playlist looking into his previous work or perhaps a quick trip into the Brooklyn artists that inspired Skyzoo…. I chose to do both!

First and foremost lets delve into some of the most formative hip hop tracks from Brooklyn. Where do you start and more so end?

And then Skyzoo. Like the Brooklyn playlist it could be much longer and was tough to keep it down to 10 tracks (plus a bonus).

What tracks do you love that I missed?

November Album: Talib Kweli – Prisoner Of Conscious

For the last 15 years Talib Kweli has been a constant in my world. First through Black Star with Mos Def, then Reflection Eternal with DJ Hi Tek and then on his own. I fully admit I had a bias towards this album even before I listened to it; it was going to be good…. Because rarely is Talib Kweli not on point.

Banishing my personal bias I present to you Talib Kweli’s ‘Prisoner of Conscious’. An album that was delayed for about a year an the album that Kweli claimed that he was making for himself and was going to be different from previous realses of his.

Baring that I’m still not understanding what he has done so different from previous releases I have very few issues with this album. It’s strong, versatile hip hop.

Though Kweli could easily stand alone on his album he’s filled it with some great appreaences from the likes of Busta Rhymes, the Rza, Nelly and an amazing 18 bars from Kendrick Lemar.

Why did I choose this album this month; when I think about it I think it’s fairly straight forward. I like listening to Talib Kweli, he’s more than a MC, he’s a story teller. He makes good albums, and hopefully you’ll think the same.