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All hail Róisín

There’s a new Roisín Murphy album out, we may have talked about it. Róisín Machine was out last week and while there’s been a good few tracks trailed (and we’ve been playing them ever since) there’s always a slew of incredible remixes around too, none finer than the mighty Soulwax. If it were my month, this would be my album of the month. But Sufjan is probably getting second fiddle with me anyway (sorry Sufjan). It’s gonna take a mighty musical event to upstage Ms Murphy ♥️

Michael Kiwanuka – Final Days (Bonobo Remix)

Two of my favourite artists, and a track / album with things brimming to be remixed. I always though Kiwanuka’s music would work well as a remix – certainly for his looser, slower tracks – and this hits that head on. It’s not a big revision, but it just does it in a simple, beautiful way.