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Episode 30 | Rozi Plain | Prize

Ep. 31 | Young Fathers | Heavy Heavy This Is Not Happening – An Album Of The Month Podcast

In Part 1 we speak in depth about Young Fathers latest album 'Heavy Heavy' and how it packs such a punch in 32 minutes.  In Part 2 we play 'Spin it or bin it?', the theme this month is the curious anomaly that is 'Post Genre'.Part 1 | Album of the Month | Young Fathers | Heavy HeavyIt's Guy's choice this month and we return back to an artist that we spoke about 9 years ago when they released their debut 'Dead'. Across 3 previous releases, Young Fathers have secured near universal critical acclaim, yet little commercial success. Is Heavy Heavy the album that will change this. It looks like it. But that doesn't mean this is a collection of easy listening pop tunes. We discuss what this is, what we love and the live experience.  If you know them enjoy, if you don't dig in!Go listen to the album – Here Go watch some videos – Here Go buy some of their stuff – HereA few Heavy Heavy things that we highly recommend checking out;Unmuted Unmastered Podcast – HereLine of Best Fit interview – HereSome live performances – Here and Hereand HerePart 2 | Spin It or Bin It | Post GenreWhat the hell is post genre? In this discussion we prove that we're really not sure!Guy chose – Mantra by Charlotte Adigery and Bolis Pupul Nolan Chose – BTSTU by Jai Paul Joey chose – B.O.B. by Outkast David chose – L'Elephant by Tom Tom Club A 16 track Post Genre playlist (4 tracks each) can be found – Here (this is a good one!)Next MonthJoey brings Kelela's  'Raven' for Album of the Month and we play 'Spin It or Bin It?' but what will be the theme?We've been writing a blog for years come and have a look –'ve been writing the blog for years come and have a look –
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  2. Ep 30 | Rozi Plain | Prize
  3. Ep 29 | Ab-Soul | Herbert
  4. Ep 28 | 2022 Top 10 Albums + Top Tracks
  5. Ep 27 | Sudan Archives | Natural Brown Prom Queen

In Part 1 we speak in depth about Rozi Plain’s new album ‘Prize’. It’s a curious, warming gem of an album that really needs to be talked about. In Part 2 we play ‘Spin it or bin it?’, the theme this month is Protest Music.

Part 1 | Album of the Month | Rozi Plain | Prize

David’s choice this month is an artist that he has a long relationship with, Rozi Plain. Rozi was new to the rest of us so we were all playing catch up. I can’t remember an album that needs to be talked about (in real life, with human beings) as Prize.  You will hear me processing what I actually feel about the album, live, while we discuss it. I think I probably come out of the discussion with a slightly different conclusion to the one that I had at the start. All good albums get better with more attention but this one absolutely demands it.

Please, please, please go and give it a listen. I think most people will find something that they love about this album.

  • Go listen to the album – HereorHere
  • Go watch some videos – Hereor Here
  • Go buy some of Rozi’s stuff – Here

We mention a few things that we’d highly recommend checking out, so here are the links;

  • The James McMahon podcast interview / chat with Rozi – Here
  • Sophie Walker’s Guardian album review – Here
  • Pitchfork album review – Here
  • Konstantinos Papis’s interview for Our Culture – Here

Part 2 | Spin It or Bin It | Protest Music

We all pick a track based on a theme, present the track and ask the simple question, Spin it or Bin it? The theme this month is a simple one ‘Protest Music’. There are no limitations or rules this month other than, as always, we try to bring new music or a new context to each other.

  1. Guy chose – ‘Take the Power Back’  by Rage Against the Machine
  2. David Chose – ‘Ship Building’ by Elvis Costello & the Attractions
  3. Joey chose – ‘Reagan’ by Killer Mike
  4. Nolan chose – Four Women’ by Nina Simone

A 16 track Protest Music playlist (4 tracks each) can be found – Here

Next Month

Guy brings Young Fathers ‘Heavy Heavy’ for Album of the Month and we play ‘Spin It or Bin It?’ with Post-Genre tracks.

We’ve been writing a blog for years come and have a look –