Tracey Thorn – Record

A classic case of ‘if only this had been out 8 weeks ago’ because I’ve been waiting for it for ages, and it’s not disappointed. I’ve long been a Tracey fan, even though for EBTG I was only a cursory listener, and only really came back to them after reading both Tracey and Ben Watt’s brilliant memoirs in recent years.

With all the #metoo movement’s focus, this album is very much 2018. Produced by Ewan Pearson – so the production is absolutely perfect – so the tracks are electronically-tinged, it’s a modern paean to feminism and being a woman. But it’s the melodies and songwriting that have got me. This is the epic highlight – Sister – 8 plus minutes of balearic, modern pop music. I couldn’t recommend it more. This track also gets some belting remixes from Andrew Weatherall, what more could you want?


New Breeders Album …

… and it’s really good!

One that sounds like the Pixies;

One that sounds like …. the Pixies?

There are tracks that sound less like the Pixies too.

I am really enjoying it. Wish I’d gone to see them in Manchester now.

Introducing Nilufer Yanya

Good Sunday Morning Brothers.

Again, as per ‘Pa’Lante’ I’ve been meaning to write about Nilufer Yanya for over 6 months, never got round to it and keep kicking myself each time she releases something amazing. My main concern is that one of the other Brothers will introduce her and I will be ‘yeah man, I’ve been listening to her since she was recording in her bedroom’ like a proper ageing muso tit.

My intro, as so much of my new music does comes through Pitchfork ‘Best New Tracks’. Looking at a quick Google search she’s been tipped as one to watch by The Guardian and BBC Music. ‘Beautiful, unfussy guitar music’ is such a lovely way of putting it but for me, most of these recommendations miss that I don’t really hear anyone else sounding like this at the moment. Beautiful instrumentation, arrangements, simple but effective production and a voice that is difficult not to fall in love with and fantasise about a deep meaningful relationship with Nilufer!

What do you think ( tip – please listen to the music … not watch the 1st video!)?

Singles/EPs on Spotify in order of release;

Hurray for the Riff Raff – ‘Pa’Lante’

I am sorry. I have been meaning to share this with you for over 12 months now. Pa’Lante means ‘go forward’ or ‘advance’ ‘progress’. It’s a common Peurto Rican abbreviation often used in political and/or social contexts. The ‘day in the life’ like time change in the middle is jarring on first listen but becomes part of the joy on successive listens. The sample is a recording of Pedro Pietri’s seminal 1969 poem “Puerto Rican Obituary,”. She also name checks my daughter ‘Silvia’ in the final verse. I have romantic notions that my daughter will love this song in years to come and will envision her dad cheering her on as she ‘go’s forward’ in life … ‘to Sammy and Silvia I say ‘Pa’Lante’.