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Rhye – Waste (RY X Remix)

I loved the Rhye debut but then lost touch with them … Spotify told me to listen to this, so I did. And I love it. I don’t know the original but this track is a beauty all in it’s own right. Oooof. I am pretty blown away by this one.

New Breeders Album …

… and it’s really good!

One that sounds like the Pixies;

One that sounds like …. the Pixies?

There are tracks that sound less like the Pixies too.

I am really enjoying it. Wish I’d gone to see them in Manchester now.

Hurray for the Riff Raff – ‘Pa’Lante’

I am sorry. I have been meaning to share this with you for over 12 months now. Pa’Lante means ‘go forward’ or ‘advance’ ‘progress’. It’s a common Peurto Rican abbreviation often used in political and/or social contexts. The ‘day in the life’ like time change in the middle is jarring on first listen but becomes part of the joy on successive listens. The sample is a recording of Pedro Pietri’s seminal 1969 poem “Puerto Rican Obituary,”. She also name checks my daughter ‘Silvia’ in the final verse. I have romantic notions that my daughter will love this song in years to come and will envision her dad cheering her on as she ‘go’s forward’ in life … ‘to Sammy and Silvia I say ‘Pa’Lante’.